Colin Eagan

Colin Eagan is Partner of Experience Design at ICF Next in Washington, DC, where he works to create content strategies and other useful digital things for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and government clients. He is a frequent contributor to UX blogs and conferences, including UXPA, IAC, Ad Age, and The UX Booth. He credits any career success thus far to his decision not to go to law school.

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UX in the Age of Personalization

There is a watershed moment approaching for personalization design. Most strategy is still driven out of marketing and IT departments, a holdover from the legacy of the inbound, "creepy" targeted ad. According to Colin Eagan, fixing that model requires the same paradigm shift we've used to tackle other challenges in our field. In this piece, he takes a detailed look at the UX practitioner's emerging role in personalization design: from influencing technology selection, to data modeling, to page-level implementation. It's now 2019, and the timing couldn't be better.

Approaching Content Strategy for Personalized Websites

Experience management systems are making it easier than ever to customize content for your visitors—but are you using your newfound personalizing powers for good (or for creepy)? Colin Eagan shows that personalization can be done, thoughtfully, using the same tools you would apply to any content strategy conundrum: by asking why, being deliberate, and putting users first.