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My Grandfather’s Travel Logs and Other Repetitive Tasks


When your design project involves unconventional data, how do you structure that data to make manipulating it less tedious? Daniel Warren faced this question when he decided to create an infographic showcasing the decades of extensive travel his grandfather had documented in handwritten journals. Learn about the JavaScript techniques Warren used to minimize repetitive tasks and give his grandfather’s travel logs a new life.

Web Typography & Layout: Past, Present, and Future

Can typography encourage long-form reading—not just scanning? What are the most exciting areas of cutting-edge experimentation in typographic technology and digital layout, and what new skills will we need to design tomorrow’s web content? Three experts—Mozilla’s Jen Simmons, publication design legend Roger Black, and ALA’s Jeffrey Zeldman—discuss typography and layout on today’s web: where we are now, and where we’re going.

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