Sophia V. Prater

Sophia V. Prater is founder and lead UX designer of Rewired and the chief evangelist of Object-Oriented UX. Sophia teaches her OOUX methodologies at conferences, within companies, and through her OOUX Certification Program. She is the host of the OOUX Happy Hour meetup and the OOUX Podcast.

Sophia has brought the complexity-untangling magic of OOUX to companies such as Facebook, Mastercard, Macy’s, Credit Karma, Hubspot, Intercom, Delta Airlines, CNN, and many more.

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How to Sell UX Research with Two Simple Questions

It’s one reason why so many UX designers are frustrated in their job and why many projects fail. And it’s also why we often can’t sell research: every decision-maker is confident in their own mental picture. In this article, Sophia Prater shows you how to collaboratively expose misalignment and gaps in your team’s shared understanding by bringing the team together around two simple questions. What are the objects? How do they relate?

UX for Lizard Brains

In the digital world, anything is possible. Technology can seem like magic. But if the interface strays to far from human's expectations of the physical world, users will become unsure, confused, and unhappy. Design with lizard brains in mind to create intuitive interfaces.

OOUX: A Foundation for Interaction Design

Pivoting smoothly from action to action is all well and good, but when interactions seem abstract to users, a sense of context is probably missing. In this follow-up to Object-Oriented UX, Sophia Voychehovski takes us from big-picture OOUX frameworks to confidently targeting actions that meet the needs of users.

Object-Oriented UX

We know big, monolithic webpages won’t meet the needs of responsive sites and endless screens. But we’re often still quilting together design patterns and content modules, rather than truly thinking in systems. Sophia Voychehovski shows us how defining the objects our users interact with, and the relationships between them, opens doors to more interconnected—and successful—user experiences.