Paul Burton

Paul Burton is the founder of 16toads Design , an award-winning Atlanta-based independent web consultancy. Paul is an artist, illustrator, public speaker, a tireless community advocate, mentor, and lead cheerleader behind He lives in Atlanta, Georgia and spends his days dreaming of snow.

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Artistic Distance

Pimpin’ ain’t easy; neither is self-critique. If you are passionate about what you create, it is impossible to completely disassociate yourself from your work in order to objectively evaluate and then improve it. But the ability to achieve "artistic distance" that is, to attain a place that allows you to contemplate your design on its own merits, will enable you to improve your own work immeasurably and, ultimately, to cast off the immature shackles of ego. Learn to let your work shine by letting go of it. Acquire the knack of achieving artistic distance.