Tyler Tate

Tyler Tate is a London-based user experience designer focused on making the complex feel simple. He leads UX at TwigKit, organizes the Enterprise Search London meetup, and has led the design of big web applications including the Vyre CMS and Nutshell CRM.

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The UX of Learning

Think of the last time you ordered a book, booked a flight, or bought a car. How did you choose which book to read, where to go for vacation, or which car was best for you? You may have searched online, read reviews, or asked others for advice to help you make an informed decision. In a word, you learned. Learning is a complex process with distinct stages, each with corresponding tasks and emotions. Understanding how users learn can help us design experiences that support the user throughout the entire process. To design better learning experiences online, start by learning a thing or two about learning itself.