Donna Bungard

Donna Bungard is a Project and Program Manager with a focus on and specializations in Accessibility and Content Strategy. Her human-centric approach influences her management style, writing, and life in general. When not behind the keyboard, she is a mom, wife, and a whole lot of other cool roles. She can often be found playing with sugar, salt, and butter in her kitchen.

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That’s Not My Burnout

Feeling connected and validated by experiences that mirror your own can help you understand how to conquer, or at least endure, times of struggle. But what if your struggle looks more like achievement? If you don't see yourself reflected in accounts of burnout, it can be alienating and make you feel even more alone. If you reach the end destination of burnout by stepping on the gas instead of coasting to a stop, Donna Bungard will show you how to recognize that you’re low on fuel and give you a map of rest stops where you can refill your tank.