Kristofer Layon

Kristofer Layon is a product manager, designer, and author. Kris divides his time between managing online products for Capella Education, working on independent web and mobile projects, and writing for Peachpit, .net magazine, and others. His personal site is, and he can also be found on Twitter @klayon.

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Product Management for the Web

Whether we prototype, write, design, develop, or test as part of building the web, we're creating something hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of people will use. But how do we know that we're creating the right enhancements for the web, at the right time, and for the right customers? Because our client or boss asked us to? And how do they know? Enter product management for the web, bridging the gap between leadership and customers on one side, and the user experience, content strategy, design, and development team on the other. Learn to set priorities that gradually but steadily make your product (and the web) better.