Diana Lakatos

Diána Lakatos is a Senior Technical Writer at Pronovix, a company building developer portals in Drupal. She is specialized in API documentation, topic-based authoring, and contextual help solutions. She also enjoys working as a Program Monitor for NHK World TV and Arirang TV.

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Ten Extras for Great API Documentation

In this follow-up to her first article on the essentials of a good API, Diana Lakatos dives deep on helpful extras that will take your API documentation to the next level. Her tips will help you make your API more usable and readable, imbue it with personality, and explore beyond the basics.

The Ten Essentials for Good API Documentation

Building an elegant API is not an end in itself; you need developers to use it. Your documentation needs to get them up to speed quickly with what your API is, what it does, and how to use it or you risk losing their attention. In this piece, Diana Lakatos offers a wealth of excellent advice on how to properly document an API.