Cory Lebson

Cory Lebson has been a UX consultant for over two decades and through his company, Lebsontech LLC, focuses on user research and evaluation, accessibility, UX training, and mentoring. He is author of The UX Careers Handbook, a LinkedIn Learning/ instructor, and a past president of UXPA International.

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Working with External User Researchers: Part II

Most people agree that it’s important to get feedback from users, but in reality, not everyone can afford a dedicated user researcher on their team. In this second and final installment on working with external user researchers, we focus on how to get things done once you’ve found the right person to bring onto your project. With these best practices around on-boarding and collaboration, you’ll be able to get the most value for your money, and get the most candid insights into what your users really think.

Working with External User Researchers: Part I

So you need to bring on an external user researcher. How do you start? Authors Chelsey Glasson, Jeff Sauro, and Cory Lebson have run a user research agency, hired external researchers, and worked as freelancers. Via their different perspectives, they provide a solid guide to hiring researchers as contractors. Part I of two articles.