Yesenia Perez-Cruz

Yesenia Perez-Cruz is a Philadelphia-based designer working at Intuitive Company.She is also a speaker at international conferences, in demand for talks specializing in balancing performance with design, cross-team collaboration, and how to be flexible with your design process. She honed her design and user experience skills while working at Happy Cog for clients like Zappos, MTV, and Jose Garces. She also acts as an acquisitions scout for A List Apart.

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Ten Years Ago in ALA: Dynamic Text Replacement

Ten years ago this month in Issue 183, A List Apart published Stewart Rosenberger’s “Dynamic Text Replacement.” Stewart lamented text styling as a “dull headache of web design” with “only a handful of fonts that are universally available, and sophisticated graphical effects are next to impossible using only standard CSS and HTML.” To help ease these pains, Stewart presented a technique for styling typography by dynamically replacing text with an image.

Dive In: Resources for Web Animation

I'll admit it—animation is usually left until the very end of my design process. After nearly all of my other design decisions have been made, I'll look through the coded designs for opportunities to add some “flair.” What I loved about Val Head and Rachel Nabors' articles last week is that they advocated for a much more meaningful way to use animation. After reading their articles I immediately realized, “Wow, I should start thinking about animation way earlier.”