Shane Pearlman

Shane is the CEO of Modern Tribe, Inc.. He is a Freelance Evangelist, Project Manager, Speaker, Blogger, Surfer, Toddler Wrangler, Goat Herder, Real Estate Investor, Intrepid Traveler & Voracious Reader. Shane leads indie teams in UX/UI, Web & Mobile Design, is a founder of Freelance Camp and an active participant in the WordPress & Chili open source projects. Follow him on Twitter @justlikeair and on G+.

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Marry Your Clients

Do you consistently work to stay engaged, or do you get comfortable with clients? With new projects, it's easy to make the extra effort. The longer you work together, the easier it becomes to feel satisfied with the status quo, while giving your best energy to the shiny new client. Rather than pretend this won't happen, prepare for it and create a strategy to combat it. Shane Pearlman shows us how.