Victor Yocco

Victor Yocco, PhD, is a researcher and strategist at Intuitive Company, an amazingly persuasive bunch out of Philadelphia. He dreams of a world where research and application exist in harmony, with theory informing design which then informs theory in an infinite loop. He is the 2014 vice chair of PhillyCHI. Reach out to him on Twitter at VictorYocco.

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Persuasion: Applying the Elaboration Likelihood Model to Design

Persuasion isn’t a slick ad pitch or a campaign promise. It’s inherent to the content, style, and delivery of our messages, for better or for worse. Everything we say, do, and design has an impact on how our message is perceived—so why not put that power to work for you on the web? Victor Yocco shows us how to incorporate a deeper understanding of the psychological underpinnings of persuasion into our designs, allowing us to better reach—and win—the hearts of our users.