Nick Cox

Nick Cox is a front-end web developer and designer located in Seattle, where he lives with his wife and two cats. He works as a software engineer at Navigating Cancer, helping to humanize the future of oncology software. He occasionally writes about Ruby, JavaScript, and related technologies on his blog and tweets from @everydaytype.

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A Moment to Breathe

Burning both ends of the candle night after night, weekend after weekend, has long been part of web design and development culture. Especially in the startup subculture, we pride ourselves on working long hours with little sleep. It’s part of a new generation’s favorite myth—the one where we get in early in a company destined for an enormous IPO, work our little hearts out for a year or two, and end up rich and happy. The truth is rather less glamorous: the way we are working starves our prefrontal cortex, hurting not only our precious health, but also our productivity. Nick Cox shares the science behind the high cost of constant crisis mode, and explains how to strike a better balance.