Christian Heilmann

Christian Heilmann is the author of Beginning JavaScript with DOM Scripting and Ajax, and he contributed a chapter on accessible JavaScript to Web Accessibility -- Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance. He is a lead developer at Yahoo! in England, and more of his work can be found at

Also from this author

Text-Resize Detection

Chris Heilmann and Lawrence Carvalho serve up a way to detect your visitors' text size settings using JavaScript.

Dynamically Conjuring Drop-Down Navigation

Got content? Got pages and pages of content? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could offer your readers a drop-down menu providing instant access to any page, without having to sit down and program the darned thing? By marrying a seemingly forgotten XHTML element to simple, drop-in JavaScript, Christian Heilmann shows how to do just that. There’s even a PHP backup for those whose browsers lack access to JavaScript. Turn on, tune in, drop-down.

The Table Ruler

Make your site easier to use by giving your visitors a virtual “ruler” to guide and track their progress down long data tables. With a pinch of JavaScript and a dash of the DOM, your table rows will light up as your visitors hover over them.

JavaScript Image Replacement

Perhaps it’s time to consider the ups and downs of a JavaScript-based alternative to the Fahrner Image Replacement technique. This version uses plain vanilla XHTML with no special IDs or CSS tricks.