Heleen van Nues

In her role as interaction designer, Heleen is passionate about organising and giving structure to the biggest puzzles of information and designing the best fitting solutions for the people and businesses involved. With the aim of solving problems and creating a greener world, she joined Garage by innogy, a digital agency with a focus on the world's energy transition.

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Priority Guides: A Content-First Alternative to Wireframes

The sirens’ song of wireframe visuals has been the thorn in the side of many a design project. With potential to undermine user-centricity, reduce team engagement, and limit creativity when it’s most needed, wireframes can bite the unwary. In this article, Heleen van Nues and Lennart Overkamp discuss an alternative that’s far more in tune with today’s content-first, responsive design ethos, whether used as a direct replacement or to help tame wireframes’ wilder side early in a project’s life.