Inayaili de Leon

Belfast-based Portuguese web designer and author Inayaili de León is Lead Web Designer at Canonical—the company behind Ubuntu—where she focuses on establishing and evangelizing the brands’ visual direction online. Through her blog and articles for sites like 24 Ways and Smashing Magazine, she has established herself as an advocate of clean, semantic HTML and CSS. Inayaili is a member of .net Magazine and Smashing Magazine’s Expert Panel, and the author of Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites (Apress, 2011), a book that explores the challenges of working in large teams on websites that receive considerable traffic. She loves cats and naps.

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Becoming Better Communicators

As designers, we already know how to communicate with users in a language they understand. Yet, we often don't do this when communicating with those whom our work requires us to talk to every day: our own colleagues. Inayaili de León shows us why—and how we can build the human relationships and shared vocabularies we need to get better at it.