Jens Oliver Meiert

Jens Oliver Meiert is a former Google tech lead who specializes in the management of large and complex content websites. He writes regularly about professional web development, whether on his website,, in tech magazines, or in books (like The Little Book of HTML/CSS Frameworks, The Web Development Glossary, and the Upgrade Your HTML series).

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We Write CSS Like We Did in the 90s, and Yes, It’s Silly

The tools web developers use to build websites have changed dramatically since the 1990s. But when it comes to the craft of writing CSS, Jens Meiert argues, it often seems that we haven’t learned anything over the past 20 years. Meiert discusses why that is and offers his thoughts on how spending more time thinking about the basics can bring the writing of CSS into the 21st century.

Web Maintainability Industry Survey: How Do We Maintain?

Maintenance is an ever-present aspect of web development, but there simply isn't much data about what we do industry-wide. To uncover what developers consider best practices and great resources, we're all taking the (very short!) Great Web Maintainability Survey from Jens Oliver Meiert.