Chris MacGregor

Chris MacGregor works off his sins in purgatory as a web designer. He is represented by Aquent in Houston through whom he freelances for billion dollar companies in the energy industry. In addition to paying the bills, Chris publishes, a popular Flash critique site and he is the author of a number of articles focusing on Flash and Usability. When wanting to get away from it all, Chris speaks at conferences and meetings about the web and usability.

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Web Designer and Proud of It

Professional web designers do not “do&#8221 web page design, we practice it. Web design is not a merit badge to be added to your uniform in scouts (but the way things are going it is probably not far off), it is a career choice that demands continual growth and serious dedication. We continually work at improving our skills and techniques, learning how to use new tools and mastering the old ones. To elevate our profession from the perception it has now to the esteem that it deserves, the gap between the professional and the amateur should be evident to the casual viewer.