Wren Lanier

Wren is a designer with a passion for creating beautiful digital experiences. As a principal at Neo, she helps her clients make products that people will love to use. When she's not building internet things, Wren enjoys eating bagels, making trouble, and taking naps. She occasionally updates her blog and frequently overshares on Twitter.

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The Z-Axis: Designing for the Future

For years we’ve seen the web as a two-dimensional space filled with pages that sit side by side on a flat, infinite plane. But as the devices we design for take on an increasingly diverse array of shapes and sizes, we must embrace new ways of designing up and down. Designing on the z-axis means incorporating three-dimensional physics into our interface designs. Wren Lanier explains how, by using the z-axis to place interface elements above or below one another, we can create better design systems that are more flexible and intuitive to use—and create new patterns that point the way to future interactions.