Rebecca Murphey

Rebecca Murphey is a senior staff software engineer at Bazaarvoice and a frequent speaker at conferences around the world. She’s also the creator of the TXJS conference, the creator of the js-assessment project, the host of the TTL Podcast, and a contributor to the book Beautiful JavaScript. She blogs at, tweets as @rmurphey, and lives in Austin, TX, with her partner and their son.

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Writing Testable JavaScript

As our JavaScript takes on more and more responsibilities, we need a reliable codebase—one that is thoroughly tested. Integration tests focus on how the pieces of an application work together, but don’t tell us whether individual units of functionality are behaving as expected. That’s where unit testing comes in. And we’ll have a hard time writing unit tests until we start writing testable JavaScript. Rebecca Murphey explains how to save time in the long run by writing cleaner application code and testing, testing, testing.