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Noah Glushien

Noah Glushien is a front-end developer and accessibility advocate. He currently works at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and helps teams build online exhibitions centered around story-driven designs. Previously, Noah worked at TechTarget in Newton, MA, developing custom solutions for Microsoft, Dell, HP, Oracle, Intel, and many others. Noah began his career as a web designer in 2003, creating layouts in early versions of Photoshop before eventually realizing he also had a passion for the code that drove those designs, and he was quick to jump into a career that was a combination of both.

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There's a common cognitive dissonance about design: that good design can't come from designers with color vision deficiencies. Much to the contrary, people with CVDs are far more aware of color and usability gaps, and can be invaluable during the design process. Sharing his first hand perspective as a color blind web professional, Noah Glushien discusses his career, living with CVDs, and how to enhance projects.