Douglas Bowman

Founder and principal of Stopdesign, Douglas Bowman specializes in simple, clean, forward-thinking design. He constantly challenges and pushes the limits of what’s possible using web standards. Douglas was the grand architect behind the well-known redesign of Wired.

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Sliding Doors of CSS, Part II

In Sliding Doors of CSS Part I, Douglas Bowman introduced a new technique for creating visually stunning interface elements with simple, text-based, semantic markup. In Part II, he pushes the technique even further with rollovers, a fix for IE/Win’s CSS bugs, and lots more.

Sliding Doors of CSS

Image-driven, visually compelling user interfaces. Text-based, semantic markup. Now you can have both! Douglas Bowman’s sliding doors method of CSS design offers sophisticated graphics that squash and stretch while delivering meaningful XHTML text. Have your cake and eat it, too!