Jeffery Callender

Jeffery Callender is vice president and design director of Q LTD, a strategic design consultancy with a global reach. Jeff joined Q in 1986, helping to shape a creative environment fueled on collaboration, authenticity, and ingenuity that has attracted a formidable team of talented designers, experienced writers, strategic planners, brilliant information architects, and 21st-century technologists. In partnership with Q Wiesbaden, Q has established itself as the world’s smallest global agency network. You can contact Jeff by email or learn more about his work at

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Design Patterns: Faceted Navigation

Faceted navigation may be the most significant search innovation of the past decade. It features an integrated, incremental search and browse experience that lets users begin with a classic keyword search and then scan a list of results. It also serves up a custom map that provides insights into the content and its organization and offers a variety of useful next steps. In keeping with the principles of progressive disclosure and incremental construction, it lets users formulate the equivalent of a sophisticated Boolean query by taking a series of small, simple steps. Learn how it works, why it has become ubiquitous in e-commerce, and why it’s not for every site.