Hannah Donovan

Hannah Donovan is a Canadian product designer living in London. She led design at for five years, and before that worked agency-side. Since leaving, Hannah's embarked on a new music project called This Is My Jam, continuing to focus on ways to make music better on the web. When she's not busy with that, Hannah speaks at conferences about design and plays cello with both a real orchestra and a comedy orchestra.

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Everything in its Right Pace

The real-time web started as something we did because we could. Technological advancements like more efficient ways to retrieve large amounts of data, the cloud, and the little computers we now carry around in our pockets made it just a really sexy problem to solve. Successful experiments turned into trends, and those trends are now becoming unquestioned convention. But does the always-on, pull-to-refresh design of Twitter and Facebook make sense your product? Hannah Donovan explores whether real time is the right choice—and how we can instead consider pace.