Scott Kellum

Scott Kellum is the design director at Treesaver, a company in New York City that creates paginated publications using web standards. Keeping pace with a broad range of interests, Scott is a Sass enthusiast and amateur type designer; formally a draftsman at Darden Studio.

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A Pixel Identity Crisis

The pixel has long been the atomic particle of screen based design: a knowable, concrete unit of measurement. But layouts based on the hardware pixel are fast becoming an endangered species. Even the introduction of a new, W3C standard reference pixel, although it promises stability in the long-term, can't help us navigate the current chaos. Consider the two "standard" pixel definitions and 500 "standard" viewports your user's Android device may support. To create designs that transcend platform differences, the promise of the web and standards, you must normalize pixels across devices. Scott Kellum shows how math and media queries can keep you sane and help you design consistently across platforms.