Kevin Goldman

Kevin Goldman is an industrial designer turned software designer. His software adventure began in the mid ‘90s in Seattle crafting claymation CD-ROMs. He was an indie web and app designer for a long time. Now he’s the founder of 29th Drive, Inkwell, and MoreBlu. These days, he lives in Scottsdale with his wife and two boys.

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Material Honesty on the Web

Material honesty—the idea that a substance should be itself, rather than mimic something else—has guided everyone from Ruskin to Charles and Ray Eames. How might material honesty apply to our immaterial (digital) projects? What light might its principles shed on such aesthetic debates as flat versus skeumorphic web design? And how might a materially honest approach change how we conceive and sell our projects? Kevin Goldman forecasts increased longevity for our work and even our careers if we apply the principles of material honesty to our digital world.