Justin McDowell

Justin McDowell leads the visual design and front-end development for the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Before that, he worked for the Arbor Day Foundation and founded Ignite Lincoln, where he directed four sold-out shows. His proudest accomplishment, however, is a space-opera theme song he wrote for his corgi.

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Blending Modes Demystified

In an ideal world, we’d be able to modify a design or graphic for the web while keeping the original intact, all without opening an image editor. We’d save tons of time by not having to manually reprocess graphics whenever we changed stuff. Graphics could be neatly specified, maintained, and manipulated with just a few licks of CSS. Oh. Wait. We can do that! Justin McDowell gives us the lowdown on blending modes.

Mixing Color for the Web with Sass

We use color to influence mood, create an environment, and tell a story. 125 years ago, impressionist painter Claude Monet changed the way we think about color by describing light’s role in it. His observations have largely been lost on design for the web—but a preprocessor like Sass offers us unprecedented power to mix tints and shades that will imbue our palettes with more nuance.