Lea Alcantara

Lea Alcantara is the lead designer for Bright Umbrella, where she helps paint an accurate and attractive reflection of her clients’ brands through color, type, and code. She speaks at conferences like SXSW and Digital Biz Summit, and co-hosts CTRL+CLICK CAST, one of .net Magazine's Top 10 podcasts of 2011 and 2014. She also loves Disney show tunes, the Food Network, and kittens.

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Redesigning Your Own Site

Redesigning your freelance website is an exercise in masochism. There are no colleagues to share the pain: It’s just you. As the designer who wrote The Art of Self-Branding, freelancer Lea Alcantara knew her site had to be just right. People were bound to scrutinize any update to the design, and she couldn’t afford to damage her credibility. Follow her process as she experiments to find the perfect balance of change and consistency.