Adam Greenfield

Adam Greenfield is a writer, user experience consultant, and critical futurist. He works with clients via his design consultancy, Studies and Observations. Adam lives in New York City with his wife, artist Nurri Kim.

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Everyware: Always Crashing in the Same Car

Ubiquitous computing is coming, in some ways, it's already here. Shouldn't we think about what we want it to be? In our last issue, we published the introduction of Adam Greenfield's Everyware. In this issue, we're running the book's conclusion.

Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous computing is no longer a mirage. The time to consider its implications is now, while we still have the opportunity to decide how it should be integrated into our lives. We're proud to offer a taste of Adam Greenfield's new book, Everyware.