Andrew Clarke

Andrew Clarke is an art director and web designer at the UK website design studio Stuff and Nonsense. There he designs websites and applications for clients from around the world. Based in North Wales, Andrew’s also the author of two web design books, Transcending CSS and Hardboiled Web Design, and is well known for his many conference presentations and over 10 years of contributions to the web design industry. Jeffrey Zeldman once called him a “triple talented bastard.” If you know of Jeffrey, you’ll know how happy that made him.

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A Different Letter to a Junior Designer

What should a junior designer know? Andrew Clarke responds to Cennydd Bowles’ “Letter to a Junior Designer” with his own suggestions for creating, improving, and selling your ideas.

Invasion of the Body Switchers

Wouldn’t it be great if we could update the classic ALA style switcher to accommodate multiple users and devices, including some that aren’t even traditional browsers, all from a single JavaScript and CSS file? Well, now we can! Enter the Body Switcher.