Scott Jehl

Scott Jehl releases projects on GitHub that focus on accessible, sustainable, and performance-oriented practices for cross-device development. He speaks at conferences around the world and recently authored Responsible Responsive Design (A Book Apart, 2014). Scott is a web designer and developer at Filament Group; his clients include the Boston Globe, LEGO, Global News, and eBay. He tweets early and often.

Also from this author

Planning for Performance

We should build websites that are not merely responsive, but sustainable, globally accessible, and, well, responsible, as Scott Jehl suggests in his new book, Responsible Responsive Design. Our approaches to responsive websites need to consider ever-changing devices, limited networks, and unexpected contexts. In this excerpt from Chapter 3, Scott discusses page load times and the responsible delivery of code.

Test-Driven Progressive Enhancement

Starting with semantic HTML, and layering enhancements using JavaScript and CSS, is supposed to create good experiences for all. Alas, enhancements still find their way to aging browsers and under-featured mobile devices that don't parse them properly. What's a developer to do? Scott Jehl makes the case for capabilities testing.