Geoff DiMasi

Geoff DiMasi taught multimedia for years at UArts before starting P’unk Ave, a thoughtful design firm based in Philadelphia. A founder of the co-working space Indy Hall, a curator of Ignite Philly, and founder of the Junto Retreat, a gathering of “for profit, for good” business leaders, his optimism is infectious and effective.

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Living up to Your (Business) Ideals

We all want to do work that matches our values—that lets us live up to our ideals for the world. But we also want to keep the lights on, make payroll, and maybe even grow. How can we design our agencies, studios, or freelance businesses to do both? Geoff DiMasi says the answer is in establishing a vision for your work, and directly tying that vision to the way you evaluate prospective clients and projects—and he’s here to help you get started.