Craig Mod

Craig Mod is a writer, designer, publisher, and developer concerned with the future of publishing and storytelling. He is co-author and designer of Art Space Tokyo, an intimate guide to the Tokyo art world. He was based in Tokyo for a decade. Since October 2010, he resides in the California Bay Area, collaborating with digital publishers through Flipboard. He speaks frequently on the future of books, publishing, and digital content design.

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A Simpler Page

Want to design a book? There are mountains of beautifully designed examples to inspire you. But what about digital books? How do you create elegantly typeset, gloriously balanced reading experiences when tablets render type differently and support different fonts, text can extend in every direction, and type can change size? Craig Mod (Flipboard, Art Space Tokyo) addresses these questions and presents the initial release of Bibliotype, an HTML baseline typography library for tablet reading.