R. Stephen Gracey

R. Stephen Gracey (@rsgracey) is web content manager for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, a student in the Kent State University IAKM program, and clergy spouse at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Cleveland. He’s also a proud Content Strategy Noob, and he thinks about how to help people be ready to “know things.”

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Infrequently Asked Questions of FAQs

We take FAQs for granted as part of our sites’ content, but do they really work, or are they a band-aid for poor content? FAQ-hater R. Stephen Gracey explores the history and usability of FAQs. Learn how to collect, track, and analyze real user questions, sales inquiries, and support requests, and use the insights gained thereby to improve your site's content, not just to write a FAQ. Find out when FAQs are an appropriate part of your content strategy, and discover how to ensure that your FAQ is doing all it should to help your customers.